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Interim Marketing Director - WHY YOU NEED HENLEY INTERIM


Have you ever needed the experience of a marketing and business development professional who has ‘done it before’ to drive an exciting but risky new commercial venture or product diversification?

Have you ever needed the skills of a seasoned interim marketing director, commercially experienced to guide you to the best business model for your new product or technology?

An interim marketing professional e who understands the importance of rigorous financial planning but is able to translate that into a concrete and workable marketing plan and sales reality? Someone who can hit the ground running?

What do you do when your Marketing Director resigns to go to a competitor just before a major marketing campaign? It will take 6 months to find a replacement and you have no immediate cover.

Do you simply need someone to fill in a temporary resourcing gap but the market won’t give you the time to train up a junior recruit into the role? Someone able to take a strategic view but equally happy to roll their sleeves up and attend to the detail.

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If you answered ‘YES’ to at least one of these questions, then Henley Interim can empower you with a flexible interim marketing director to meet the market’s needs more rapidly than your competition and get your business ahead of the game.

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"Great Networker, long term friend, trusted advisor" Thomas Power - Chairman of Ecademy

“Matthew, as well as being an enormously likeable chap, is very creative and really knows his onions. He has given me some excellent business advice, great motivation and has shown me how knowledgeable he is about nitty gritty targeting and IT solutions. He is a pleasure to work with.” Gaye Spencer - Managing Director , GSPR

“Matthew is an honorable English gentleman, who is both extremely competent and most likable. His leadership in marketing Digital Fidelity was the pivotal factor to our success in introducing a fresh, high value home media software licensing model to the worldwide consumer electronics industry. His capacity to communicate the essence of a vision or an opportunity are profound, and I know him to be a significant contributor to any project in which is engaged.” Dale Christ - Principal, Christ and Christ